Friday 11 May 2012 (Flyer)

Best Men is a book collecting together 30 best man's speeches transcribed from videos uploaded to YouTube.

If you would like to buy a copy (£7 + £0.50 postage), please e-mail to arrange payment. All proceeds from sales of the book will be donated to Refuge.

Ollie at Simon and Kim’s wedding
Joff at Chris and Danielle’s wedding
Kev at James and Linda’s wedding
Mike at Dan and Laura’s wedding
Jonathan at Ricky and Lauren’s wedding
Billy at Kenny and Summer’s wedding
Raj at Jon and Katie’s wedding
Ryan at Eric and Carla’s wedding
Andrew at John and Britney’s wedding
David at Mike and Kerry’s wedding
Nick at Richard and Ting Ting’s wedding (Part 2)
Joe at Ben and Lindsay’s wedding
Mike at Steve and Lisa’s wedding
Chris at Jonathan and Elizabeth’s wedding
Mark at Dave and Angie’s wedding
Joe at Rory and Rachel’s wedding
Stuart at Warren and Alexis’s wedding
Michael at Michael and Katie’s wedding
Jeremy at Benjon and Michele’s wedding
Ross at Matt and Molly’s wedding
Chris at Jonathan and Mary’s wedding
Curtis at Clarke and Louisa’s wedding
Jared at Clark and Stephanie’s wedding
Dave at Jon and Melissa’s wedding
Ed at Joe and Molly’s wedding
Scott at Mark and Amanda’s wedding
Dan at Tim and Stephanie’s wedding
David at Mark and Dawn’s wedding
Mark at Matthew and Claire’s wedding
Mark at Evan and Jill’s wedding