3 March – 6 March 2011

Showed Horsed Them is a collaboration and a co-operation between Tom Durley and Freddy Dewe Mathews which has developed through a series of conversations between the two artists. The resulting work takes as its starting point the story of a Zimbabwean woman who duped government officials into believing she could induce diesel fuel from a rock. Building on a mutual fascination with the story the artists present an exhibition which seeks to open a discourse investigating our propensity to be misled by reportage, in particular with regard to image and text.

Works list

Devious N'anga
Freddy Dewe Mathews 2011

The diesel Zimbabwe Mugabe of a in new to from for n'anga rock fuel jail mystic on is and oil
Tom Durley 2011
Headlines / Article / Database

The Witch Doctor (Watch)
Video Projection, 3 minutes 28 seconds

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