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A Slice of Cake

2007 |
Video/Participatory Installation

In one room, a cake and knife were laid out on a tablecloth with a note next to them reading "Please help yourself to a slice of cake":

In another room the video below was set up playing on a continuous loop:

The audience would visit each of the rooms seperately and in any order, some might visit the cake first, others might visit the video first, however the experience of whichever they would visit first would be altered by whichever they visited next. For example if one were to visit the cake first (and try a piece) they would consequently be put off by the video, perhaps even made to feel nauseous. Equally, if they were to vist the video first they would be reluctant to eat a piece of cake.

The work aimed to interrogate the ways in which we find things pleasurable and how little it takes for an experience which may well be pleasant to be spoiled for us.